Dryer and Plenum Insulation

Unifrax FyreWrap® DPS is a safe and cost effective means to achieve a 1 hour fire-resistance-rated enclosure for routing dryer ductwork through rated wood truss/joist construction. The lightweight core insulation utilizes a ½”, hightemperature insulation blanket specifically designed, UL tested & certified to provide a single layer, 1 hour rated flexible enclosure around dryer and residential kitchen exhaust ductwork. The product also provides code compliant fire protection for combustible items, such as plastic pipes by preventing flame propagation and smoke development in the plenum area.

FyreWrap DPS Insulation offers the following product features:

  • Lightweight, flexible product form
  • Scrim encapsulated
  • Easy to cut, fabricate, wrap around the ducts, pipes or cables
  • Thin, single-layer design
  • High-temperature, low biopersistance fiber


Dryer Exhaust Applications

FyreWrap DPS is a new and innovative product that provides a safe and cost-effective means to achieve a one-hour fire resistance rated zero clearance enclosure for routing dryer ductwork, from start to finish, through rated wood truss/joist construction as prescribed by the International Building and Mechanical Codes.

Plenum Applications

New construction, building renovations or modifications to the electrical and mechanical systems may result in the installation of plastic pipe or plastic-coated cables that cannot meet the minimum combustibility requirements defined in the Mechanical Code. FyreWrap DPS provides protection to these items by acting as a tested noncombustible enclosure.


Specifications on various FyreWrap® Duct Insulation systems are available in several formats, which are listed below:

Submittal Sheets

Contractor submittal sheets for various Fyrewrap® products/systems are listed below:

Listings and Certifications

Description Test Standards (.pdf)
Ventilation Duct Assembly  ISO 6944 V-32
Through-Penetration Firestop System  ANSI/UL 1479 F-C-7057
Through-Penetration Firestop System  ANSI/UL 1479 F-C-7058
Pipe or Conduit Assembly  UL 1887 UNI-BI 20-01
Cable Assembly  UL 1887 UNI-BI 20-02
Surface Burning Characteristics ASTM E84,  UL 723 UL File R14514


Description Link (.pdf) Link (.dwg)
General Installation Detail FP-837 FP-837

Refer to the product Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for recommended work practices and other product safety information.

For additional information on products, properties and performance, typical applications, or to identify the recommended product for your application, see the product information sheet listed above or contact the Unifrax Fire Protection Application Engineering Department at 716-768-6298.