Fiberfrax® Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF). Temperature Grade: 1260°C (2300°F) ,  1425°C (2600°F) .


Fiberfrax® ceramic fiber products are manufactured from alumina-silica materials and offer such characteristics as high temperature stability, low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, excellent thermal shock resistance, light weight, and superior corrosion resistance. Fiberfrax ceramic fiber products exhibit thermal stability at temperatures up to 1425°C (2600°F).

The Fiberfrax blanket and mat product family consists of a group of lightweight, thermally efficient ceramic fiber insulating materials that combine the advantages of both low heat storage and complete resistance to thermal shock. Offering a broad range of thermal capabilities and physical characteristics, this product family provides proven and effective solutions to a variety of heat processing applications.

Durablanket® ceramic fiber products are high strength, needled insulating blankets that are made from spun Fiberfrax ceramic fibers.  The extra-long spun fibers, cross-locked through a unique forming process, produce a blanket with exceptional handling strength.  This product family is completely inorganic and available in a variety of temperature grades, densities and sizes.

 Moist Pak® insulation provide additional options for specific application requirements ranging from high-temperature filtration to hot gas velocity resistance. 


Fiberfrax Durablanket Z insulation extends the high temperature performance of the Durablanket product line. The product is made from high-purity alumina, zirconia, and silica spun ceramic fibers. This chemical composition, manufactured in a unique fiber-making process, imparts Durablanket Z insulation with extremely low shrinkage characteristics at elevated temperatures.


Fiberfrax Durablanket S insulation, the flagship of the Durablanket product family, is a strong, lightweight, flexible needled blanket that is made from spun ceramic fibers. Available in a wide variety of thicknesses, widths and densities, Durablanket S insulation provides an array of proven solutions for the broadest spectrum of applications. 


Refer to the product Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for recommended work practices and other product safety information.

For additional information on products, properties and performance, typical applications, or to identify the recommended product for your application, see the product information sheet listed above or contact the Unifrax Application Engineering Department at +91 22 2921 2220.