Fiberfrax® Ceramic Fiber Papers/Felts

Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF). Temperature Grade: 1260°C (2300°F), 1425°C (2600°F).


The Fiberfrax® Ceramic Fibre Paper are manufactured using our proprietary technology and offer exceptional insulating performance and flexibility.

Advance production techniques ensure a highly uniform structure characterized by low thermal conductivity, good handling strength and a smooth surface.

Premium grade Fiberfrax® DS Paper is produced using a proprietary washing process to give a paper designed for applications where extra cleanliness is required.



The Fiberfrax® Ceramic Fibre Felt products are manufactured using Fiberfrax® refractory ceramic fibres blended with specially selected organic binders to give flexible felts with exceptional characteristics. Our advanced felting process ensures lightweight, high strength product enhanced by low thermal conductivity and exceptional handling characteristics.

The various blends of refractory ceramic fibres used in manufacturing process provides a comprehensive range of felts with operating temperature limits upto 1425°C. Fiberfrax® Ceramic Fibre Felts products are available in wide range of thicknesses & sizes.


Refer to the product Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for recommended work practices and other product safety information.

For additional information on products, properties and performance, typical applications, or to identify the recommended product for your application, see the product information sheet listed above or contact the Unifrax Application Engineering Department at +91 22 2921 2200.