DuraBlanket Unifrax blanket products consist of a group of thermally efficient high temperature insulating materials that combine the adv.... learn more

Bulk Fiber

DuraBlanket Bulk fibers are manufactured to be used as feedstock in manufacturing processes or other applications where product consisten.... learn more


DuraBlanket Ceramic fiber module products designed to meet a wide range of application requirements in a variety of heat processing equip.... learn more


DuraBlanket Monolane (Monolithic Lining) is Unifrax Indias unique system for applications involving high temperatures. Monolane system is.... learn more


DuraBlanket Unifrax rigid board products are manufactured to provide excellent performance in any application which requires high modulus.... learn more

Vacuum Formed Shapes

DuraBlanket Unifrax is one of the leading manufacturers of insulating shapes formed from high temperature fibers.  These vacuum form.... learn more


DuraBlanket Unifrax paper and felt products consist of a group of wet-laid nonwoven materials. The materials are manufactured using Unifr.... learn more

Moist Pak®

DuraBlanket Fiberfrax® Moist Pak® is a moldable and formable blanket insulation containing an inorganic wet binder. It dries upon.... learn more


DuraBlanket Fiberfrax® Ceramic Fibre Ropes are manufactured using Fiberfrax®  Durablanket strips compressed and externally b.... learn more

Textile Rope

DuraBlanket Ceramic Fibre Textile Ropes are manufactured using ceramic fibre yarns around a central fibre core. Yarns are either fiber gl.... learn more


DuraBlanket The specialties family of products provides a range of product forms which offer a choice of materials to address a wide rang.... learn more

Textiles (Cloth/Tape)

DuraBlanket   Unifrax offers a broad selection of ceramic fiber textiles, ropes and braids used for high-temperature packing and ga.... learn more

Furnace Hardware

DuraBlanket The anchoring hardware and accessory components provides an array of attachment options to cover a broad range of lining syst.... learn more


DuraBlanket Unifrax provides solutions to a variety of passive fire protection rolex sky dweller replica watches applications in the comm.... learn more

Emission Control

DuraBlanket Catalytic converter support mats providing engineered solutions for emission control applications. With a strong focus on pr.... learn more