Unifrax provides solutions to a variety of passive fire protection rolex sky dweller replica watches applications in the commercial building, transportation and manufacturing industries.


Marine Applications

DuraBlanket In marine application the system is type approved by EU MED, U.S. Coast Guard and MRA+approved for steel and aluminum structu.... learn more

Cable Trays

DuraBlanket The Cable-Tray/Duct system is FM Global type approved and meets ASTM E-1725 "Fire Tests of Fire-Resistive barrier Systems for.... learn more

Penetration & Shaft Sealing

DuraBlanket Unifrax has developed the most complete line of products for passive fire protection. Passive Fire Protection has as main fu.... learn more

Grease Exhaust Ducts

DuraBlanket Unifrax’s FyreWrap® Elite® 1.5 Duct Insulation is a two-layer flexible enclosure for two-hour rated commercial .... learn more

Air Distribution System Ducts

DuraBlanket Air Distribution System (ADS) Ducts, require a high temperature blanket specifically designed to provide one and two-hou.... learn more

Dryer Protection System

DuraBlanket Dryer Exhaust Systems, require a high temperature blanket specifically designed to provide a one hour fire rating. This .... learn more

Railroad Tank Car Insulation

DuraBlanket FyreWrap® Tank Car Insulation from Unifrax is a flexible, lightweight, high-temperature, fire protection insulation&.... learn more